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Perilous Wilds: Tunnels of the Grazkald Tribe

Here’s a randomly-generated dungeon for you, using Jason Lutes’ Dungeon World supplement, The Perilous Wilds. I also want to point you to this great resource for finding evocative names for your NPCs.


The next time the party decides to make camp in a forgotten corner of the misty woods, they may hear crazed barks. The sound is disconcerting enough that even if a full night of rest were possible, sleep wouldn’t be without nightmares of chained, wretched souls. Investigation leads the party to a hollowed tree trunk. Its insides flicker red and orange, as if a fire burned beneath the sallow earth.

The trunk opens down into a tunnel leading to the former home of a kobold tribe known as the Grazkald. It now serves as a sort of record hall. Many larger creatures would scoff at the idea, if any of them had caught wind of it. Why would a creature as lowly as the kobold need to document their pitiful existence? Their purpose is to be prey, and whatever ambitions they hold will always be too big for their bodies.

The answer lay in the last Grazkald chief, Reldogho. Kobold lives are short, and the reigns of their chieftains even shorter. Reldogho wanted to be remembered. He pushed his people to their limits. He sent them out on raids and pitted them against the nearby elves and lizardmen. They filled their burrow with traps, and turned away every attacker seeking vengeance. If only victory had been enough.

Unbeknownst even to his mate, Urlar, a demon whispered in Reldogho’s ear. It spoke of a way to ensure that his reign would go on forever. One foggy night, as the Grazkald tribe feasted on a stolen cow, the chief chanted the demon’s spell. One by one, his people were caught by thick roots bursting from every wall. Their limbs were torn apart, their bodies flayed, and soon kobold flesh lined every wall.

They should have been dead, but their mouths kept moving. Each warrior was cursed to repeat his accomplishments over and over in the kobold tongue. Their hands could still form fists and their tails could still whip, but they were never going to be able to leave their tunnels again. A close look into every unblinking eye on the tunnel walls reveals that the tribe’s fear has not diminished in the slightest, even after so long.

Tricks and traps ○○○○○○
Madness ○○○
Bottomless hunger ○○○
Scheming evil ○○○

Common Areas (1d12)
1-2 Root-lined hallway
3-6 Kobold burrow
7-8 False, trapped burrow
9 Food stockpile
10 Room of mouths
11 Room of eyes
12 A sheer drop onto the floor below

Unique Areas
□ Reldogho’s throne room
□ Trophy room, filled with parts of larger monsters
□ Feast hall, featuring a half-eaten cow carcass
□ Shrine dedicated to the chief
□ Reldogho and Urlar’s burrow
□ Armory
□ Reldogho’s secret chamber

• Who has been here since to rid the woods of the Grazkald menace?
• What creature finds solace amidst the barking mouths and the staring eyes?
• Is there any way to bring the Grazkald Tribe to rest?
• What happened to the demon that tempted the chief to do this?
• What happened to Reldogho?

Important Links

The Perilous Wilds, Jason Lutes’ Dungeon World supplement.
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