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Dungeon World Class: The Mechanical Man, part 2

Last time, I put together the first part of a new Dungeon World class using the Class Warfare supplement. This time, I’m going to lay out the advanced moves a player can take on level up.


Advanced Moves

When you gain a level from 2-5, you may choose from these moves:

Behind Me!
When you take a defensive position at the front lines, take a +1 forward to defend.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
When you prepare yourself to endure some hardship without fighting back, roll+CON. On a hit, you can either take half damage or you can completely ignore one other ill effect. On a 10+, you can also defeat, expose, or frustrate your oppressor with your stubbornness.

Stress Test
When you take damage, you can lock your gears and accept the blow. If you do, you take no damage but instead suffer a debility of your choice. If you already have all six debilities you can’t use this move.

Iron Will
When you are subject to mind control or magic that influences your feelings, you may choose to take 1d4 damage (ignores armor) and ignore it. If the influence would have made you violate one of your Tenets, you take 1d8 damage instead.

Sturdy Construction
When you defend, you always get +1 hold, even on a miss.

Ghost in the Shell
When you act against your purpose, you no longer take -1 ongoing.

First Aid
When you quickly patch someone up, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you heal 1d8 damage. On a 7-9, they are healed, but they gain a debility.

Storage Unit
When you shove an item down that thing you call your mouth, you can choose to either destroy it completely (with no ill effects) or keep it hidden for later. Items in your storage unit still add to your load.

Fresh From the Scrap Yard
When you detach one of your body parts, you can control it as if it was still part of you. This works even if it leaves your line of sight, but if it is destroyed, you’ll have to find a new one.

When you gain a level from 6-10, you may choose from these moves as well as the level 2-5 moves:

A Walking Library
Requires: A Walking Book
After taking this move, you discover that your creator installed a second great work in your mind. Choose this, and tell the GM why you didn’t need its information until now.

I Am The Wall
Replaces: Behind Me!
When you take a defensive position at the front lines, take +1 forward to defend and +2 armor forward.

Real Steel
Replaces: The Body Electric
When you wear no armor or shield, you have 3 armor.

Truly Free
Requires: Ghost in the Shell
After taking this move, you are no longer beholden to your creator and the purpose you were created for. You can choose to follow a new purpose, if you decide to live with one at all.

Greater First Aid
Requires: First Aid
When you perform first aid on an ally, you heal +1d8 damage.

Stomach of Leaves
Requires: Storage Unit
After you take this move, your storage unit can store items bigger than you. These items still add to your load.

Requires: Fresh From the Scrap Yard
When you detach your consciousness from your physical body, you can travel anywhere in the world. If you come into contact with magic of any sort, you take 1d8 damage and you are sent back to your body.

I Am Superman
When you are worn down to 0 HP, you can make one more move before you take your last breath. If you do, you take -2 forward to your last breath.

Killing Machine
After you take this move, the Tenets no longer apply to you. Your damage die becomes a d10, but your maximum HP is now half of what it was before you took this move. Your body was not made to perform in combat.

All that’s left for the Mechanical Man is everyone’s favorite part of development: playtesting. Right now, I fear that the Mechanical Man is too centered around defending.

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